Why have I created those pages?

Some of you might think this doesn’t belong here, but I simply have to share it with you anyway.

When I graduated from Ton’s international school where I studied the DHT method, I experienced many nice surprises. The first was the method itself – its possibilities, my own cases, which got resolved very quickly owing to DHT. And another nice surprise was Ton – his personal charisma. Soon it occurred to me it would be great if Ton could come to Prague and share his expertise. My idea was this could be great help to all the homeopaths in the Czech Republic – I was hoping, that the more healing tools we have to help our clients become healthier, the better and faster the results of our efforts.

However, because I decided to do this, I lost my illusions about the homeopathic profession. I soon understood that the homeopaths in our small country are by no means all in the same boat. It would be naive to think that they all share the desire to clamp together and prove the materialistic world of “modern” medicine that the holistic approach is absolutely necessary for successful treatment of patients. And that energy and information, although intangible, represent substantial values when healing the spirit and the body.

I am just a regular homeopath – I am no organizer of courses, I am not an owner of a homeopathic school. Therefore my original idea was to organize just one year of DHT study in Prague – just for understanding colleagues and friends and maybe some other people interested in learning new things.  The evident advantage of such a course was the fact it would be translated into Czech and yet the students would pay much less than the students abroad normally pay for Ton´s seminars. It was possible especially because I do everything on my own, without a supporting team of organizers and without much remuneration – only with a lot of enthusiasm.  To be honest – I expected that my homeopathic colleagues would praise me for offering them something which substantially enhanced my practice and therefore it could widen the horizons for them too. However, to my great surprise, I had to face various critical comments and gossips about Ton and HDT from some people who haven´t been really familiar with the method, and yet they felt the need to discourage their students and followers from attending our seminars and warning them from using Ton´s method. In the end I was excluded from one homeopathic school where I studied, with the explanation that I represented “competition draining the financial budget of school´s potential students”. This was a real sip from the cup of bitterness for me – and a situation beyond my understanding.

But I decided to face all this, realizing, that if Ton Jansen and his method made so many experienced Czech homeopaths so insecure to be able to react so violently, then HDT might be the very “golden egg” worth hatching. And this has been my experience so far. And the proof? Growing number of participants in our seminars, who keep coming back. And in addition, some colleagues – homeopaths, whose ego is “in order” started cooperating with us. We rejoice not only from the cured cases, but also from the joint projects we have made plans for. I thought that the rough relationships in the Czech homeopathic “pool” are site-specific, because the characteristic feature of our national character is envy. However, Ton Jansen told me that some of his Dutch colleagues are exactly the same. Therefore he decided to write the following paragraph in his book:

“One of my main motivations for writing this book is an attempt to bring harmony to the different school of Homeopathy. Hahnemann evolved out of Hippocrates´ legacy, who himself was already working with dillutions. He revived these early homeopahic principles, writing six editions of his Organon of Medicine. After each edition he was convinced that the lastest version was the method to use. Of course, after each publication his knowledge evolved, so there was never a „finished article“. But we should remember that the journey of discovery didn’t end with Hahnemann´s death. It is our duty and our honour to continue the evolution of homeopathy. Whilst I quote Hahnemann from time to time, it is not because he is my guru; it is because a lot of his teachings are true in clinical practice. I go my own way, but can recognise that he had incredible insight regarding disease processes and how to regain health.

Many current models of homeopathy claim to bet he only correct method. This attitude causes conflict between groups, each one striving to be ” the one true way“. This is similar to the conflicts we witness between diffeent religions; each one believing that they found the one true God. However, dogma stands in the way of progress, for it does not encourage us to think for ourselves and bring our own gifts to the table. Be your own guru, rather than following the „one true way“ of another. Many medical doctors are also very narrow in their thinking. They may know a lot about the symptoms of the disease, but sadly are taught very little about lasting health and how to achieve and maintain it. 

How powerful it would be if we could bring together the most elegant parts of each model. If we’re honest, we can probably admit that each school of thought is at best a partial truth. I believe these strands can be jointed together to create an“ ocean of knowledge”. I therefore call on all my colleagues to stay away from dogma. Instead you can evolve, adapt and share your methods as learn from the patients in front of you. In this way, each of us will develop into a great particioner.”

And I´d only add that Hahnemann himself was using homeopathic detox. I am very glad that regardless of all the critics I keep hearing foreign lecturers at seminars saying that it is necessary to use all the methods available to improve our clients´ health (recently I heard Luis Klein say this in Bratislava and Frans Kusse in Prague). It is not important which one of the methods is going to help – the only important thing is for the sick person to regain his or her health. That is why he or she came to see us. If we can choose from classical homeopathy, autopathy, homeopathic detox therapy (HDT), izopathy and a range of other procedures, we have much greater chance to tailor-made the prescription to our client. If we understand the methods, if we know their means of operation, if we are able to use them and if we are not afraid to use them, then our client is in good hands. Denying and denigrating any of the methods available (maybe because we do not know anything about them in the first place) is not going to bring any positive outcome. What is beautiful and unique about homeopathy is exactly that its prescriptions are tailor-made. However, the tailor who sews his clothes usually chooses from all kinds of fabrics and threads… If we can´t unite, be colleagues and pursue the same goals, what are the chances of homeopathy to gain public recognition?

So – that’s all I personally wanted to share with you on this subject matter.

Lenka Pomněnka